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Report on Xcel Power Line Proposal Meeting

Important Invitation: Join Us Thursday, March 20, 7 pm, at Monroe Hall to help decide the HOA's official position on the proposal.

Last night (Wed., March 12th), two representatives of Xcel and about 30 Rowley Downs neighbors met to discuss the proposal to add a 345kv line and monopole (in addition to the power lines and “erector set” structure that currently exists) through the center of Rowley Downs. It seemed consensus that the additional lines would have a large, negative impact on the neighborhood. (See proposal details)

We distributed and discussed the attached fact sheet, and the Xcel community outreach representatives took questions.

In a discussion afterward, attending homeowners and the board decided to postpone any official position on the proposed lines until we do more research, including attending next Monday's Xcel open house (6-8 pm at PACE Center; it's an informational open house only). We plan to, with your input, make a decision at our meeting next Thursday. We hope you can attend both the Monday and Thursday meetings. The more information, input and involvement we have, the better our decision and more effectively we can put it into effect.