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Ballfield Information

Effective April 8th, 2013 the rules for usage of the ball field at Rowley Downs have changed. Campbell Field is for the use of all Rowley Downs residents and their guests. To ensure its use is available to as many as possible, we are implementing the following guidelines for use:

  1. Rowley Downs Residents can use the field and/or pavilion at any time on a first-come, first-served basis, unless the field has been reserved for a significant special event (family reunion, birthday party, etc.)
  2. To facilitate availability, organized sports team practices will not longer be permitted.
  3. To reserve the field and/or pavilion for special events, Rowley Downs residents should contact Clay Hodge at 303-725-6316.
  4. Anyone using the field is responsible for their own trash.

ROWDOWNS – 130408 – Ball Field Scheduling Policy