Proposed Amended and Restated Declarations (Amended 7/26/2022)

Dear Rowley Downs HomeOwners,

We, the HOA Board, along with several residents, have been working to update our Governing documents to bring them to current legal standards. These amended documents have been through many community meetings and a large group of homeowners have worked diligently on them for the last 6 years. Now we are ready to take the final steps. Our current declarations were drafted over 25 plus years ago and no longer comply with current Colorado law. Normally it is recommended that these be reviewed and updated every 10 years. In order for the new declarations to be approved, our community needs no less than 215 home owners to vote in favor of these new changes. 

We understand that homeowners have concerns of how this might change the neighborhood. Our goal as elected board members is not to disrupt the status quo but to make sure that we as a community are compliant with local and state laws. 

You will notice that the new declarations have increased substantially in length in comparison to the original declarations. We have heard from many of you that this alone is concerning. Most of this length is due to the legalese needed to update our document to present day legal compliance. In some of our previous meetings it was requested we provide a redline document that highlights the changes. After consulting with our attorney, we determined the cost of creating  this type of document would not be financially justifiable.  

We are aware that many of you have questions or concerns, so we are hosting two in person Q&A sessions with the Board for anyone that would like to  seek clarity on any topic in the new declarations that may prevent you from voting to pass the new declarations. These dates are September 6th and 8th, starting at 7pm at our HOA building located at 

20180 East Williamson Dr.
Parker, CO 80138

Prior to these meetings we would like for you to submit any questions or concerns on our website so that we can be properly prepared to address your concerns. If you are unable to make either of these sessions but would like to communicate any questions or concerns you have, please submit them. After the two informational meetings, all questions and answers will be posted to our website,

We want to reiterate that this meeting is not for the purpose of discussing current specific property complaints but instead to help answer any questions you may have prior to this vote.  When  we have hopefully answered all your questions, we will be mailing  a ballot to all homeowners for final approval of the updated Governing Documents.  Once  these are  implemented, Rowley Downs will again be in compliance with the State of Colorado current law.

  If you have current property disputes or needs please come to our next HOA meeting on August 1st to discuss.